VF Group moves forward for over 35 years with always the same requirement : learning, mastering and improving its experience, its skills and the quality of its products.

The group has become a key player for green areas maintenance equipments with garden machinery, sprayer apparatuses, watering and dosing. It is also recognized in the firefighting world thanks to dosing systems, transfer equipments and high pressure materials.

Fostering innovation and long-term view, VF Group expands its activities and extend its international presence.

VF Group manages activities of CTD Pulvérisation and YVMO. The head office is based in Guéreins, north of Lyon, close to the world famous wine region “Beaujolais area”.

Group's Companies

CTD Pulverisation is specialized in the design, production and equipment of dosing systems for firefighting as well as in the design, production and distribution of equipments for green areas maintenance (chemical weeding, watering), of roadway and urban furniture cleaning (high pressure washing). CTD is also distributor of spray and watering equipments for the garden, dedicated to professionals and general public as well.

With many years of experience in crop-spraying behind it, our company, founded in the 1980s, has developed and imposed innovative technologies in varied fields of application. Based North of Lyon, close to the Beaujolais area, CTD PULVERISATION has a modern and functional production site, perfectly adapted to its three types of business.

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YVM​O is specialized in the design, production and distribution of maintenance equipments for green areas, mechanical weeding and seeding equipments, synthetic or natural grass maintenance and also washing and cleaning of sand.

Based in the Yvelines department (20 km West from Paris),this company develops for 50 years green areas maintenance equipments with a regularly renewed and upgraded range of products in accordance with the needs of the users.

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Group's Activities

The group skills are organized around 3 trades.

  • Parks and Gardens

    YVMO offers a wide range of garden machinery for creation and maintenance of parks and gardens (mechanical weeding, grassing and soil preparation and maintenance) and cleaning of sanded surfaces.

    CTD Parks and Gardens

    CTD PULVÉRISATION offers a wide range of crop-spraying and dosing equipments for the maintenance of parks and gardens (treatment, weeding, watering), trees treatment, maintenance of streets and urban furniture (disinfection, deodorisation, high-pressure washing), industrial spraying (treatment of roofs, building maintenance, pest control etc…), and disinfection.

  • Garden Range
    CTD Garden Range

    As a key partner of the HOZELOCK EXEL group, CTD PULVERISATION markets sprayers for gardens (common use) or for professionals, accessories and spare parts for the main brands belonging to HOZELOCK EXEL group: Laser, Berthoud & Tecnoma, as well as watering accessories of Hozelock brand.

    CTD has an important and permanent stock of spare parts that allows to provide a fast repair service for the general public and professionals as well.

  • Firefighting
    CTD Firefighting

    CTD PULVÉRISATION is the European leader in automatic foam dosing systems for firefighting.

    The CTD systems (Cameleon, Salamandre, Triton, etc.) can be used with all types of foam concentrates, additives.and flame retardants. They facilitate interventions in case of fire. These systems are designed to be accurate, reliable while saving time on intervention, water and foam consumption.

Keys figures
  • 1 group
    1 group
  • 2 Subsidiaries
    2 Subsidiaries
  • 4 Activties
    4 Activties
  • 35 years of experience
    35 years of experience
  • 2 Production sites
    2 Production sites
  • 40 Employees
    40 Employees
  • 10500 Turnover
    10500K Turnover
  • 25% Turnover made abroad
    25% Turnover made abroad
  • +1000 Customers
    +1000 Customers